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Animal abandonment is an everyday reality here at the TTSPCA Tobago Animal Shelter. We are bombarded with calls or visits from persons who can no longer care for their dogs and cats and would rather relinquish them to the shelter than the alternative of dumping. Their reasons may vary but at the end of the day they have been abandoned and by default, become subject to our care.


As an organisation, not funded by the Government, we try to give every animal that comes to us a chance at life. Our quarantine is often overflowing with puppies which poses a serious risk for the spread of disease. Although we have biosecurity measures to keep disease low within our quarantine, we are always forced to make decisions about the future of some of the little lives we are charged with.


While the future is bright for many of our re-homed fur-babies there are those who are unable to move past the shelter life. Too often we are burdened with hard-facing decisions to euthanise as we cannot keep all animals as much as we would like to. This is where YOU come in. You can be a responsible and spay or neuter your pet to decrease overpopulation!


We are always in need of fosters and volunteers to help temporarily house and socialise our young puppies. Our puppies thrive their best when they are in loving families where they learn social skills needed to become adoptable. To avoid un-socialized, fearful, maladjusted animals, positive interactions are needed with loving people, otherwise you have an animal that knows little about love, developing negative behaviours, making it difficult to re-home.


We have made donating easier and more accessible for all persons interested in helping. You can donate via our website

or directly to Republic Bank Limited; Account #020408593701 Swift Code: RBNKTTPX or via any NLCB Lotto booth Account #22 through MyPay ChariTT


Want to donate chow, toys, collars or anything you may find useful? That’s easy to! Give us a call at 639-2567. Interested in adopting and you want to see who we have special waiting for you? The TTSPCA Tobago shelter visiting and adoption hours is 10 to 4 Monday to Friday and 9 to 12 on Saturday. Check out animals for adoption at Call us at 639-2567 or 309-0219 to speak to a shelter representative.


Author: Kalidia Millette, DVM, BSc Shelter Veterinarian at TTSPCA Tobago.
Last Updated: 2019-03-19T16:16:41.588Z