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Administrator TTSPCA Tobago, Animal Shelter

A “no-kill” shelter is an animal a shelter that essentially does not euthanise even when the shelter is over its capacity.

They may practice euthanasia only if animals are suffering irremediably.

Euthanasia is practised, in the direst cases, only after much thought.

TTSPCA Tobago operates as a “low kill” shelter. With hundreds of unwanted stray cats and dogs found on the streets yearly and a large number of animals relinquished to the shelter, TTSPCA must practice the “low kill” method to help control the animal population.

We try our best to rehabilitate and rehome animals. We also consider the health and welfare of the animals currently in our care and, as such, we seldom go over our capacity to house animals.

This does not mean animals have a time limit to be adopted.

We have some animals with us for years. We vigorously campaign for adoptions, donations and foster homes, but when all else fails sometimes, we have to turn animals away or offer humane euthanasia.

Both “no-kill” and “low-kill” shelters face immense pressures to care for the animals in their facilities.

With no government funding available for TTSPCA Tobago or any government dog catching service or dog pound, it is our mission to help as many animals as we can!

You can help us in our mission!

ADOPT: Numbers of unwanted pets, especially adults, are high, in comparison to the financial support shelters receive from their communities. As all shelters encourage you to “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” We also ask that you encourage someone to adopt an animal too.

SPAY: It should come as no surprise that there are many more unwanted animals than available spaces in homes, resulting in animals getting abandoned. Additionally, persons breed animals with no plans for the offspring and are suddenly overwhelmed when faced with numerous mouths to feed and bills to pay. Be a responsible pet owner and prevent overpopulation by spaying and neutering at a clinic or taking advantage of low-cost spay drives.

VOLUNTEER: Shelters often find themselves overwhelmed very quickly, and too often, the animals suffer from lack of exercise, socialisation and playtime, as employees focus on basic daily needs. Volunteers can provide individual care and attention to withdrawn and depressed animals and help modify antisocial behaviours to increase their chances of being adopted. Also, you can help an animal experience what it is like to live in a home, by offering temporary accommodation. By doing that you can increase their chances to get adopted. Not every shelter has the resources for a sanctuary nor the ability to admit and help every animal find a forever home.

That does not mean they are less committed to animal welfare.

Want to learn more about the TTSPCA Tobago’s mission and policies? Visit or call 639 2567 to speak to a staff member today!

Author: JAQUIE JAMES, Administrator TTSPCA Tobago, Animal Shelter
Last Updated: 2019-10-21T18:43:45.579Z