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Whether you’re a Member or not, local or visitor, feel free to come have some fun. Why not help exercise the dogs? After all, if it hasn’t been raining too much they do love to go for a run. You can even venture into our Cattery and Kittery, which thanks to kind donations, allow our feline friends more space. A space you can share with them and socialise.

Volunteers are welcome anytime during our opening hours but weekends are the time we need the most help.

If you would like to help, download and complete our Volunteer form then walk with it when you want to start.

Become a Member

Raise your paws to our cause. Join the hundreds who have pledged their membership and receive exclusive newsletters, updates and highlights about our animals and operations. You will also have voting rights during elections of management committees for the shelter.

Membership costs TT$100 annually (less than $2 weekly) or TT$500 for a 5-year membership, both of which go a long way in making a difference in the lives of our animals.

Join today. Download and complete the Membership application form, then visit us to make your payment.