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About Us

The Tobago Branch of the TTSPCA was founded in 1968. We are a privately run, non-profit NGO whose main aim is to prevent cruelty to animals. We are dedicated to the re-homing of stray, rescued and unwanted animals as well as attempting to locate owners of lost animals and educating the public on caring for animals. To accomplish this, the shelter is run by a dedicated full-time staff for daily care and maintenance while everything else is done through the support volunteers.

Funding: The existence of the Society is primarily due to legacies, grants, donations, and fund raising activities. All money received is used 100% for the care of the animals and maintenance of the facility.

Our Capacity: We currently have kennels for about 40 dogs and 10 puppies. Some of the kennels are assigned to boarding dogs, some for recovering veterinary patients, and the rest, the majority, are for dogs and puppies for adoption. The shelter also has a Cattery.