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We have a number of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens ready to be your loving companion. Come visit us to check them out or click here to view some of their profiles.

When you adopt one of our animals, we ensure that they are spayed/neutered. We also vaccinate, de-worm, and spray them for ticks and fleas. As a bonus, you will receive a TTSPCA Vaccination Card which entitles you to 10% discount on all future services.

If you are ready to adopt, please visit us and fill out our Adoption form.

AnimalDonation (TTD)
Adult male dog$300.00+
Adult female dog$350.00+
Adult male cat$100.00+
Adult female cat$100.00+
NOTE: Suggested donation may vary based on the size of the animal

Spay and Neuter Clinic

There are so many animals up for adoption, yet everyday litters of puppies and kittens are born who are also in need of a new home. Why not do the responsible thing and prevent this rapidly growing population of animals who may never get adopted. Spay and neuter your pet today.

AnimalPrice (TTD)
Spay: Dog 12kg – 16kg$550.00
Spay: Dog 16kg – 25kg$600.00
Spay: Dog >25kg $700.00+
Spay: Cat$500.00+
Neuter: Dog$500.00+
Neuter: Cat$300.00

Veterinary Clinic

Make sure your pets stay healthy. Bring them in for general health checks, vaccinations and de-worming, dental care, surgery, hospitalisation, and a lot more. Rest assured that your pet will be treated by qualified vets that have closely allied themselves to the Society. Please call us to arrange/confirm dates and times.

Click here to view our full list of clinic services.

Dog/Cat Boarding 

Take your vacation and we'll take care of your pets with the same love. While you're out of the house, we'll make sure your dogs and cats have a home and are well fed.

Single-Occupancy KennelDouble-Occupancy KennelSingle-Occupancy Kennel
1 Day$60.00$100.00$40.00
1 Week$400.00$600.00$250.00
1 Month$1500.00$2500.00$1000.00
NOTE: All prices above are quoted in TTD.

Shelter Shop

Jut adopted the newest member of your family and in need of supplies? Our shelter shop offers a variety of collars, leads, toys and even dog and cat food as well as grooming supplies.

Click here to view our Shelter Shop Pricelist.

Animal Ambulance

Whether it’s bringing your pet to our clinic for treatment or taking them back home to be with their family, we're here for you. Please call us to arrange/confirm dates and times for collection and delivery to and from our shelter.

AreaPrice (TTD)
Scarborough and Environs$100.00
Hope/Mt. St. George$100.00
Studley Park$100.00
Sou Sou Lands$140.00
Black Rock and Environs$150.00
Mason Hall/Moriah$150.00
NOTE: Prices above are one way


If you are no longer able to care for your pet or if you would like to bring in a stray, we are happy to accept provided we have room.

AnimalDonation per Animal (TTD)
Adult dog$300.00+
Adult cat$200.00+
NOTE: If you are unable to give a monetary donation to support the relinquished pet/stray, any form of donation (food etc.) is also greatly appreciated

Humane Euthanasia

As much as it breaks our heart to see the passing of any animal, sometimes it's better to end their suffering. We promise it will be quick and painless, and your companion will move on in peace. Before deciding on this measure, please contact us to see if any treatment can be done.

WeightPrice (TTD)
15kg – 25kg$150.00
25kg – 35kg$200.00

Carcass Disposal

Animals deserve respect even after passing. We'll give your pet a proper sending-off. If you notice a deceased animal on the road, give us a call and we will collect it.

WeightPrice (TTD)
15kg – 25kg$150.00
25kg – 35kg$200.00