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TTSPCA Tobago – What’s up for 2019!

Like all organizations, forward progression is necessary. It’s vital that we keep moving forward through strife and struggle. As an NGO it isn’t always easy to stay afloat. As most would know we rely heavily on support from the public. Monies garnered goes towards the upkeep of the facility, treatments or sick/injured abandoned animals and all other costs to housing/re-homing over 60 plus dogs/puppies/cats and kittens.  

We recently launched our first Animal Care Workshop geared towards informing rescuers and owners about aspects of pet care. Topics included basic wound management, simple restraint techniques, neonatal care and who, when and what to rescue. The workshop was well attended and enjoy be all. As such we endeavour to hold regular workshops throughout the year to educate interested citizens of Tobago. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming workshops.

Our super low cost spay neuter is in works to happen later in 2019, however we’ve partnered with Animals360 to offer alternative options for reduced cost spay/neuters for dogs and cats. This program offers greatly reduced prices for owners with multiple animals, as well as our rescuers and avid animal lovers who may not be able to give home to strays but would do their part in assisting in reducing the overpopulation in their communities.

Our fundraising committee has organised a wonderful evening For The Love of Animals, A Valentine’s Celebration. Patrons can look forward to a Valentine’s buffet, drinks and live pan music to accompany the light-hearted fest, held at Crown Point Hotel on 9th February 2019 6pm to midnight. Funds raised go towards the animals at the shelter. Tickets available at the TTSPCA Tobago, Shore Things Café, Island Investments and Crown Point Beach hotel.  We look forward to a wonderful evening of eats and merriment with you.

Coming soon? We intend to revamp our clothing line. What better way to show your support for who we are and what we do than by wearing our t-shirts and other paraphernalia. Want to help us create our next T-Shirt design? Ring us or message us on Facebook or Instagram or even email your design ideas We also wish to paint a mural on a wall measuring 4ft by 13ft. Calling all artists!! If you wish to volunteer your painting skills and have a great idea that would look good in front of our shelter, please contact us!!

Our mission is to reduce overpopulation and unwanted strays and to re-home as many animals as possible. We aim to provide quality care to all animals in our facility and with continued financial and physical support from the public we believe that we can attain that goal. Want to volunteer or donate to us. Contact us to find out how at 639 2567.

Author: Kalidia Millette, DVM, BSc Shelter Veterinarian at TTSPCA Tobago.
Last Updated: 2019-02-07T21:14:20.415Z