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Chow Your Pet to Health!

‘You are what you eat’, is a phrase many are familiar with and is applicable to pets to ensure your pet has a balanced diet geared towards maximum growth and wellness. While some pet owners opt for introducing their pets to home cooked meals it is not recommended since key nutrients are often omitted that can result in deficiencies and improper growth. Ultimately your pet ends up with a big tummy but lack important dietary components to ensure they remain healthy. Dog or cat chow is recommended for pets whether owners opt for ‘canned- wet’ chow or ‘bagged- dry’ chow; these diets should be introduced to your pet to meet their specific individual needs.

At the TTSPCA Tobago Animal Shelter a wide selection of dog chow is available for pet owners. Many factors influence which diet your pet should be placed on such as age and breed. The Purina puppy and Purina kitten chow is recommended for pets less than a year old to meet the high demand of your growing pet. Kibbles in Purina puppy and kitten chow has more calories to meet the energy consumption that a developing body needs for proper growth. Good nutritional value is needed to ensure the growth of pups and kittens are not stunted and to develop a strong immune system to fight off foreign agents in the body.

A range of Purina dog chow can be found at the TTSPCA to meet your pets needs such as the Purina® Pro Plan® Focus which offers specialized formulas geared toward the unique needs of pets such as the Sensitive Skin and Large Breed formulas to name a few. The Purina® Pro Plan® Focus is also available as ‘canned- wet’ food for dogs that favour wet food instead of kibbles. It is highly recommended for as it is high in protein, fat, fiber, iron and key vitamins and minerals. The Purina® Dog Chow® is another line of chow that provides your pet with adequate dietary components however it is a less superior chow in comparison to the Purina® Pro Plan® Focus. Both lines of Purina chow, the Purina® Pro Plan® Focus and the Purina® Dog Chow® are inclusive of a feeding chart found on the bag of the chow which instructs owners of the amount that should be fed to your pet based on specific variables. The Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets are specialized diets which are ONLY prescribed by a veterinarian for pets that require a diet geared towards more specific needs.

The health and well-being of your furry companions are of utmost importance. If you have any questions/concerns you can email us at or contact us at 639-2567 to get your chow today!

Author: Richel Douglas, Veterinary Assistant at the TTSPCA Tobago Shelter
Last Updated: 2018-12-07T19:48:47.483Z