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Do you know we have countless animals at the TTSPCA Tobago awaiting their happily ever after? Some spend one day, some spend years but everyone is afforded a fair chance at a happy ending! Meet these 4 incredible pooches.


Over a year ago, the vet arrived to the TTSPCA Tobago on a stormy day to see a dog soaked and sitting in the rain. As the gates were unlocked she ran into the yard and shivered in a corner. She was dried up, her wounds treated and she was given warmth, food and love. She quickly blossomed and was given the name Phoenix. She was a beauty waiting for her chance at rehoming but months went by, then a year passed and nothing. Phoenix never stopped being a bright and energetic dog and her perseverance recently lead her to find her new forever home!


This cuddle buddy was relinquished to the TTSPCA about 5 months ago. Although he was almost 2yrs old he was still a playful puppy at heart. He loved playing with volunteers and other dogs and was always seen chasing chickens that came into the yard!


This sweet girl was brought in as a sick puppy for treatment about 3 months ago, but her owners abandoned her, never returning to collect her nor pay her medical bills. She was better off for it! She returned to excellent health and was soon able to play with all the doggies at the shelter. Unfortunately she was so tiny she often got stuck halfway in fences she “kinda” fitted through, so her play time was reduced to only when supervised. To keep her happy she got a kennel mate, her best friend, Fi Fi!


First name Fi, Last name Fi. This beauty was the gentlest soul one can ask for in a dog but she could sure rev up the energy for playtime. She was really playful with any dog she met and never snarled nor barked at another. Her owner, an elderly lady, could no longer care for her appropriately and thus she was relinquished to the TTSPCA about 4 months ago, where she could have a chance at a better home. Lucky for her she also found her new best friend Lilly!!

These 4 dogs were lucky enough to be adopted into the same home and we hope they have a beautiful life together! Want to adopt from the TTSPCA Tobago? Search for us on Facebook or Instagram @TTSPCA Tobago Shelter to see daily updates of animals for adoption or visit From Trinidad? No worries! We are just a plane or boat ride away and it is virtually free to travel with an animal. Call us at 639 2567 for more info. ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!

Author: Veterinary Clinician at TTSPCA Tobago Clinic, Malouah Nicole Straker DVM(Hons), MSc
Last Updated: 2018-12-07T19:45:50.858Z