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It’s rainy season again! Is your dog protected from fleas and ticks?

It is common knowledge that rains bring creepy crawling insects; and for our fur babies those include ticks and fleas, but predominantly ticks! Ticks are not only unsightly but also carry DISEASE AGENTS that cause TICK FEVER! Most often clients will indicate that no tick/flea prevention was being used.


Here at the TTSPCA Tobago Clinic we have a wide range of products for tick and flea treatment. We offer topical products as well as oral tablets that your dogs can take. Two of our popular products are the FIPRONIL SPRAYS and BRAVECTO® TABLET. The spray can be used on pups/kittens older than 6 weeks; the spray is applied in the opposite direction of the hair coat to allow maximum contact with skin so that the body can absorb the active ingredient. We usually advise the spray to be used every 2 weeks or as necessary.


Bravecto® is an approved chewable tablet for the treatment of the ecto-parasites ticks/fleas/lice and mange. Once ingested your dog has guaranteed 12 weeks coverage against ecto-parasites. Bravecto® can be used alone or alongside environmental treatments for ticks/fleas.


Did you know for the 5% of ticks and fleas that are on your dog 95% are in your environment? For tick/flea treatment of the environment there is Ectoban® (Amitraz) solution that can be used to clean kennels/driveways and walls of your yard. Ectoban when used appropriately can be used on your dogs for tick/flea treatment but must be used with CAUTION as being mixed too strongly can cause severe side effects which may be detrimental or death. Please contact your veterinarian for directions on use for animals.


Tick fever is a very prevalent disease of dogs and is very easy to contract. Common signs include inappetance, weight loss or a voracious appetite with weight loss, sudden loss of sight, jaundice (yellow skin) and bleeding in to body cavities, through orifaces, into eyes and into ear flap are some common presenting complaints. Tick fever can be diagnosed here at the TTSPCA Clinic via a 4Dx Snap test. Treatment will vary depending on clinical signs presented.


The health and well-being of your pets are in your hands! Give them the best quality of life possible and protect your pets from ticks/fleas!

Still have questions? Give us a visit and the vets at the clinic will be more than willing to discuss any further questions/problems/queries that you may have. For further information or appointments please call 639-2567 or 309-0219. Check out our Facebook page TTSPCA Tobago Shelter. You can also email us at with any concerns or queries.

Author: Veterinary Clinician at TTSPCA Tobago Clinic, Kalidia Millette DVM(Hons), Bsc
Last Updated: 2018-12-07T19:43:25.741Z