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Last Saturday, Purina in collaboration with TTSPCA Tobago hosted a day of Fun In The Park. It was all about our customers, and their pets, coming out to enjoy a day on us. Available was free Veterinary Advice, grooming, samples, giveaways and more.


The theme of the day was dental hygiene. Did you know your dog needs regular dentals?
4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 have build-up up of plaque and peridontal disease.
Purina experts were on site spreading awareness about how to prevent painfully decaying teeth using Purina: Dentalife Daily Oral Care Chews. Samples were given out for patrons to try and the dogs certainly enjoyed the chew!


Veterinarians on site also educated patrons about some medical and surgical issues specific to their dogs during question and answer sessions. Some talked about the importance of castration to prevent or reduce certain types of aggressive behaviour. Another topic was the importance of feeding a well-balanced diet such as Purina ProPlan for dogs and cats of different life stages and activity levels.


Also on site was Pet Star Mobile Grooming. Her table donned the most glamorous doggy hair care products and accessories. She also offered some giveaways and coupons to clients! Imagine, if you wanted your dog coloured in pink stripes and blue stars with a fluorescent green pedicure, she would do it for you! Your dog will surely be the talk of the town after using her services. She is all about the pampered pet!


The main attraction was definitely the agility course. Dogs big and small came and enjoyed a romp in the park, charging through the agility course and playing with every dog in sight. In attendance were also some dogs possessing behavioural issues. Expert advice was provided on correcting the behaviour and soon these dogs too enjoyed the park and canine company.


Last but not least, if you didn’t bring a dog you could have borrowed a buddy from the shelter! Many of our pooches got to socialise and be loved by the patrons that borrowed them and, within that time, some fell in love and adopted their buddies. It was a marvellous moment to witness those homeless dogs find a forever home. With their adoption they also were provided complimentary bag of Purina Proplan Puppy Chow to give their doggy the right start!


Overall, the event was a success! For the customers that could not attend the event we at the TTSPCA Tobago would like to express a heartfelt thank you for years of continued and unwavering support. We also wish to thank to team at Purina, Kristin Stepp and Dr Emily Cappon for their support and making the event a success! This month customers will be provided with samples of Purina: Dentalife Daily Oral Care Chews while stocks last. Remember, proper dental hygiene and diet is important for your dog and can help your dog live more than 5 years longer! For more information on Diet and Dental hygiene contact the TTSPCA Tobago at 639-2567 or visit our pet store today!

Author: Malouah Nicole Straker DVM, MSc
Last Updated: 2018-06-07T21:17:01.068Z